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Hey! I’m Jeff.

Photography has given me purpose, allows me to live in the moment and has taken me places I never thought I would go.

I have been traveling my entire life, from Turkey to Rwanda and back to California. Each place I visit has its own unique vibe and experiences and I have developed a real appreciation for different cultures, traditions and ways of life. Photography allows me to keep those experiences forever. To capture a single frame and remember how I was feeling, what I was doing and where I was going is incomparable.

I feel most fortunate when I am photographing a wedding. To be a part of someone’s day and to experience the relationships with their friends and family is incredible. I capture every detail, so that every feeling and memory can be kept for you to relive over and over again. My purpose is to create a story the couple will fall completely in love with and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Thank you for thinking of me for your day, I hope to talk soon.


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